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There are troubles that often gnaw holes through your mind.
The wheedle away at the troubles they find.
Feasting on troubles, worries, and doubt,
It’s a wonder these demons will ever get out.

You feel like they’re imprisoned inside of your head
Or perhaps, it’s vise and they’re better of dead.
Nothing to feast on and rattle your mind
with constant conniptions and frustration in kind.

Those voices aren’t in your head alone.
They come from outside, in the way things are shown
To you, who you are, who you aren’t, if you’re part of the cut
Of society’s standards, your own, it’s a rut.

Never ending, never cease
And all they want is to ruin your peace
They will always devour
No matter the subject, the day, or the hour.

But in those holes left, there’s a small bit of room.
A pace in each void where new lessons can bloom.
New hope to fill up everything that was lost.
Every wisdom has pain as it’s cost.
Maybe not yours, perhaps even mine
Should I share my troubles, and not say that “I’m fine”.

I believe you’re a difference, one needed, profound,
And you fill MY holes when these troubles come round.
Your presence is lifting
Your words are gifting
Holes in your mind, and demons that crawl
Can do nothing to taint how I see you at all.

So with these frustrations that trouble you
Remember my troubles are solved being with you.
Don’t forget, that in times when you’re feeling low
I will be here to help you, if I can, so you know.

Your demons will haunt you,
Mine haunt me too.

But you’re an angel to me
And I know you’ll pull through.


Just horsing around.

"Considering you are so much apart of nature, you should take the time to get to know its secrets. Its peace, and its constant growth and renewal. Nature does not force the stone to move—it grows around it. You are putting too much pressure on yourself, and others." 

-Master Splinter (Raph-the-muscle chatwing) 





The first time i saw this vine, i laughed so hard. 



I said that this couldn’t be that great.

I was so wrong.

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Give me a name and I’ll have my muse explain their relationship with said person.

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I tried to imagine the figure of about 20s TMNT2k12.

ニッ亀ねつぞう青年期 | Ki@▼・谷・▼ [pixiv]

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— those days that you read something …cringe worthy. 

"If you let go some people might chase you. 

And if some people chase me I just might have to come running back.”

" Trust is hard even for me— … but learning along the way. All you can do is your best. Trust is beautiful."

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Genderbend Tasha - Tosh Telling

A guy who will not mask his feminine nature, in fact, he embraces the out of the box personality. He’ll talk your ear off about fashion not laying a finger on what he calls ‘manual labor’ — though watch out he knows how to twist himself out of situation or problem with a little ‘flirtatious persuasion’. Obviously never up to not much good— and can get a little self-centered and shady. 

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No! You’re not annoying, you’re adorable. [x]