I spent the whole evening making a Flappy Leo game I cannot believe myself


please make me happy and go play it ok



When you just want to dance to your favorite jam but you are suppose to be serious cause someone is very seriously talking to you. 


‘Model in pain’ x

Maybe just a little bit…

Sky Ferreira - Haters Anonymous
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Sky Ferreira - Haters Anonymous


pop masterpiece


Stay positive.  It always gets better.


Stay positive.  It always gets better.

Blue October - X-Amount Of Words
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Blue October - X-Amount Of Words


Your brain is faulty wiring
the reason for tiring
Keep treating the curse,
Imagine the worst
Systematic, sympathetic
Quite pathetic, apologetic, paramedic
Your heart is prosthetic 

Amethyst bloom costume modifications into the Cardinal Alias. 


Some words of encouragement from mydrunkkitchen


Florence + The Machine - All This And Heaven Too
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Florence + The Machine - All This And Heaven Too

And it talks to me in tiptoes
And sings to me inside
It cries out in the darkest night
And breaks in the morning light

My heart speaks to me with a plead — wanting to build that once optimistic and starry eyed belief in true love. Yet my mind blockades aggressively shouting, “you mustn’t! Falling once more could leave you broken; in shambles with pieces that can’t be put back together. Believe it to be a forgotten dream. Amnesic tale. A lost legend.”

For what price is it to dive head first into dangerous waters? Barely making a mark in the tapestry of other souls. My soul finds peace in giving but when it comes to itself has been chiseled away to not believe in love. Only wanting to protect her heart from anymore damage. Though in reality it has been shutting this heart in a tighter and more compact cage without even realizing. Sometimes too hard to breath. The iron embrace causing more damage than aid. 

Yet my heart still reaches out with struggle to bask and graze her feet in the pool of souls; watching and admiring the beauty of compassion around her. Wishing for only the best for others to have the chance to never fall where she now lays.