"If you let go some people might chase you. 

And if some people chase me I just might have to come running back.”

" Trust is hard even for me— … but learning along the way. All you can do is your best. Trust is beautiful."

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Genderbend Tasha - Tosh Telling

A guy who will not mask his feminine nature, in fact, he embraces the out of the box personality. He’ll talk your ear off about fashion not laying a finger on what he calls ‘manual labor’ — though watch out he knows how to twist himself out of situation or problem with a little ‘flirtatious persuasion’. Obviously never up to not much good— and can get a little self-centered and shady. 

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No! You’re not annoying, you’re adorable. [x]

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"Raph I generally accept the challenge. Yes! I’m talking to you and your face! ‘You guys’ is vague and I believe I fit in this category. So you are welcome. Look at me being supportive in the greater good. ALS everyone! Help it. I tag all the peeps watching or following me! Cause why not?" 


Gift Art for exquisite-idealist and raph-the-muscle  by Becci ‘D’

" If only they saw the epic sight we saw they’d have the same stupid grin on their faces as well. Lets leave it to their imaginations." 

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Love is but a flower.

Over pour and it will surely drown. 

Give it nothing, the poor thing will starve.

A happy medium is all that it needs.

The freedom to flourish but the grounding to know that it is still there. 

For a flower does not bloom for only itself but for others to show the world the beauty and care it was given. 

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"how about a nice sun dress(?)" <is no good with dresses but hey~

This works too! I wanna see some plant action! (Poison Ivy outfit)  and Ivy dress.

And Plant action you shall receive (… might have even gone a little overboard with these too. ) 

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